CARB Trading


CARB Trading Establishment is a major step forward with a vision to reach out to the procurement needs within the Kingdom.  Our material specialization ranges but not limited to construction, mechanical, hydraulic (please refer to CARB Hydraulic Center), electrical, instrumentation, safety, tools, and other industrial related items.  CARB ensure that the materials being supplied meet the technical standards in order to comply with the specific requirements of our major Clients including Saudi Aramco and SABIC.  CARB maintains the high quality level of this service by continuously updating our knowledge with the latest innovations, as well as being constantly updated with the technological advancements of our large network of suppliers.  An expert multinational procurement team, extensive market accessibility, and a well established trading relationship with internationally certified manufacturers, makes CARB as a highly reliable and competent partner for our Clients' purchasing activities for the broad spectrum of their project requirements.