United Barcode Systems



 CARB is also proud to be the authorized distributor of United Barcode Systems (UBS) in Saudi Arabia. UBS is the leader in labeling, coding, and marking sectors.  Their core activity is manufacturing of printing &labeling equipments, andconsumables such as labels, ribbons, and inks.  Proof of this is their wide international presence, providing comprehensive automatic identification solutions, as well as the thousands of companies who benefit from their wide-ranging products and services.

Founded in 1994, United Barcode Systems rapidly became capable of offering solutions within the automatic identification field. The experience and knowledge acquired in the automatic printing and identification system, became crucial to focus the new business strategies in providing global solutions to meet customers’ labeling, coding and marking needs. CARB obtains engineering support and solutions from UBS located in the United States of America as well UBS headquarters in Spain. CARB looks forward to expanding our local presence in Saudi Arabia by catering to the needs of diverse Clients according to their requirements through our philosophy of persistently maintaining high quality standards.  For more information on UBS visit: www.ubscode.com